Why Use IMS Drive ?
By using IMS Drive more and more policies you will be able to focus more on your core business of selling while the system takes care of streamlining the complete process. Leveraging our technology, insurance personnel, and operations expertise allows your company to maximize prospecting, sales and renewals while automating back office policy administration and management.

Your agency productivity will increase, cutting costs. Delinquency rates will quickly be brought into target ranges. Outstanding delinquent amounts will be brought under pre-established control levels. Collection activity is completely and accurately documented. Executive management tracking and control are immediately implemented with powerful reports tailored to monitor progress toward your objectives.

Utilizing the latest in Microsoft.NET technology, your company can enable agents, customers and all authorized personnel to access business operations online. Go from and print online and in real-time.

IMS Drive by Palladium Pros is a web based enterprise level application for the insurance industry. Organizations all over the world strive to have effective & sophisticated employee, client, marketing, sales and service management system.

IMS Drive provides functionalities which are not available in other online web solutions provided by other companies. Customize your online sales templates in detail:
  • Sell policies online with your own custom-built web interface.
  • Policy management
  • Managing limits
  • Managing coverage options
  • Manage deductibles
  • Manage endorsements
  • Carrier / insurer
  • Client info management
  • Payments management
  • Diary & notes
  • Certificates
  • Data transformation
  • Manage templates
  • Document manager
  • History management
  • Users management
  • Security
  • SMS