October 6th 2011

Palladium Pros announced today that a new Accounting System module is now available as an integral part of IMS Drive.

Accounting feature gives the Insurance companies flexibility to improve their accounting operations. The introduction of accounting systems provides major advantages such as speed and accuracy of operation. The main advantage is that each transaction needs only to be inputted once, unlike a manual double entry system where two or three entries are required.

Mr. Siraj Rizvi, President Palladium Pros, added: "Our Company continuously invests in new features and technologies which provides our clients a competitive edge and advantage when selecting IMS Drive. We are committed to create the solution for Insurance Companies that will help their business grow."

July 12th 2011

Integration of Text Messaging SMS service to IMS Drive Insurance Management System

A powerful feature to renew policy through Text Messaging gave IMS Drive a new dimension. Now Policy holders can renew their polices through sending simple Text messages through their registered Cell phone Numbers.

Insurance Policy Holders will receive a text message a day before expiration day of their policy to renew their account. Policy holders Press "OK" and another message will be sent to approve the amount and payment details. Pressing "OK" will send the policy holder Renewal Confirmation.

August 19th 2010

New Payment Gateway Integration

IMS Drive can now handle multiple Payment Gateways which are used to process credit card transactions at the time of accepting online orders from the customer.

The recent update allows IMS Drive users to accept payment using following payment Gateways:
  • Authorize .Net
  • Pay Pal