After the solution is delivered, Palladium Pros Support Services will ensure that it runs smoothly and delivers the maximum value to the client over its lifetime.

Palladium Pros is there for you after the initial installation. Our Support Services line is open
Servies Support
during normal business hours, five days a week, to answer any question that you may have or resolve any operational problems you may encounter. Support questions also may be sent via email to for an electronic response. Support Services also uses Webex or Go to Meeting Support Center in responding to questions when appropriate.

The support services include the following:

  • Client inquiries.
  • Issue resolution.
  • Access to new releases of software
  • Access to interim software patches.
  • Access to the support knowledge base.
Each issue (support case) reported by the client is classified as Critical, Urgent or Important, depending on the impact on Client's business. Following are Palladium Pros Support Services response time goals:

Priority Begin resolution in Work around in Fully resolve in
  Critical   immediately   8 hours   1 day
  Urgent   immediately   1 day   2 days
  Important   1 day   2 days   3 days

Another service available to the client under support is implementation of client-specific maintenance changes and custom features.