• Do we download purchased software? How does this work?

    A. IMS Drive is robust, customizable software that is unique to each customer. Features and benefits developed for one customer may be integrated into all client's programs, but the software you use will be unique to your firm

  • Where is the system stored? Is my data private?

    A. Your data is private and on a co-located server unique to you. This is for security and back-up. Certain data is encrypted. All of this is managed by Palladium Pros. The database and applications located together, so Palladium can service you better. The database information can be replicated on your server if absolutely necessary.
  • Does IMS Drive has the capability to create Direct Sales web front end for selling the policies?

    A. We will create the Direct Sales Front end with the coverage, options and other details for your company's specific needs. Front end application will be connected to our Insurance Management System powerful engine. This will enable the customers to buy policies online and data will be inserted to IMS backend engine. As an insurance broker (admin) you can log in to the system to see the policies, clients, and run reports.
  • I am an insurance broker company using a legacy system. If I switch to IMS Drive will I loose my existing data?

    A.No, you will not loose the existing data. We will convert the data to IMS Drive.
  • Can IMS Drive store applications for future reference?

    A.Yes, IMS Drive can store applications along with summary, history, requests, and supplemental document information for the applications.

  • Which payment methods are available in IMS Drive?

    A.Client can purchase the policies using Credit Cards and Checks; we handle all industry renowned payment gateways like Authorize.Net, 2Checkout and many more.

  • Can we integrate Text alerts for policy holders?

    A.Yes, IMS Drive has a new feature to send text messages alerts to the policy holders at pre defined events, like at the time of policy expiry.
  • Is my and customer's data secure?

    A. All sensitive data within IMS Drive is encrypted before storing in database like social security number, credit card detail, ACH account details and passwords. SSL is implemented and system is hosted on a secured web servers.