Custom Insurance Solutions
If you feel that your company requirements are unique and our off-the-shelf system can not meet unique requirements, your insurance agency can count on Palladium Pros Professional Services to build custom IT solutions.

Our differentiators in this field include:

  • Industry track record of more than 20 years.
  • Insurance industry vertical focus and deep domain expertise.
  • IMS Drive platform, components and pre-built banking applications.
  • Onshore analysts and project managers who work on-site with the client.
  • Offshore technology center for time- and cost-efficient delivery.
  • Solid technical expertise of the technology team in architecture, design, development and testing of enterprise-class software using the latest technologies.
  • Proven three-stage delivery process: Conceptualize - Realize - Deploy.
  • Phased project execution with intermediate deliverables (milestones) provides the client full visibility into the project progress from day one.
  • Each custom solution that we build is covered by a warranty.
  • After the custom-built solution is delivered, the client has an option to have Palladium Pros support and maintain it, in the same manner as off-the-shelf products are supported.